About the Blog

“Becoming yourself is a conscious uncovering that leaves you vulnerable;
Emerging from your shell of self-preservation to stand naked in the world.”

—Catherine of Siena


I created this blog for the purpose of writing encouraging and thought-provoking reflections about doing this human thing more intentionally. My ponderings come from a psycho-spiritual perspective, which to me means there is a thin line between personal growth and spiritual journey. We’ve got a mess of defenses, patterns, and wounds that trip us up from being our best selves. Call it your ego. Call it your soul. Either way, the goal of psychology and spirituality is to peel back the layers to our truest core. And because I also hold a sex-positive approach, I won’t neglect the relationship with our bodies as part of living more wholly. I bring my own experiences as an avid self-reflector, stumbling spiritual seeker, and (almost) therapist. But mostly, I hope to offer encouragement for all of us to live a more naked being.

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